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Dr. Hugh O'Broin

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Bye-Bye Dated Dentures, Hello Innovative Implants

It's Time to Invest in You

Nobody is ever happy with the idea of dentures. The great news is, you don't need them.

Implants have revolutionised the way you can address your problem teeth. Implants work and feel like your real teeth. It is a painless process, they last for decades and deliver life-enhancing results for you.

This is where form meets function to improve your life, long-term.

Your Teeth Say a Lot About You

First Impressions

You take pride in how you present yourself, but could feel like your teeth are letting you down. Maybe you hide your smile, or shy away from photos.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice, but you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly and discreetly we can help you rapidly and permanently improve the straightness and symmetry of your teeth.

Treat Yourself To Your Best Smile

Take Your Whitening to a New Level

When it's important you look great - a first date, wedding, job interview, or a dream holiday - whitening your teeth can give you an instant confidence boost.

Professional Teeth Whitening delivers far more effective results than over-the-counter kits. The Whitening Trays are Custom-Made and the Whitening Gels can ensure whitening that is grades ahead. You'll feel like a new person with white, white teeth that are presentable and professional.

Your Trusted Partner in Dental Health

Dr. Hugh O'Broin

B.A. B. Dent. Sc.

Your Dentist, Your Dental Health Partner

Dentistry has advanced dramatically in recent years. Not all dentists have moved with the times.

At Dalkey Dental, we travel the globe to discover and implement the most innovative systems and the highest quality materials. Knowing that you are in a modern practice with highly skilled dentists and nurses is crucial to your dental future. We work with you to improve your smile, your teeth, your health and your confidence.


Personal Patient Statements


It’s life-changing, my implants stay in place and I can confidently present to clients again.


My teeth have transformed. In 2 months they have become so much straighter and whiter.


Finally, I have the smile and the teeth I always dreamed of.