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With implants, Accelerated Adult Orthodontics and Professional Teeth Whitening, you can transform the look and health of your teeth.


Feel Better, Look Younger

Implants become an excellent solution as you grow older. They give you ongoing bite strength, long-term dental health and full confidence in your smile.

The Process:
Implants are fitted over four appointments during a 3-6 month period:

  • Impressions are taken

  • A temporary tooth is fitted

  • The implant is custom-made for you

  • Your new implant is fitted

The process is generally painless and the results are well worth the time and investment.

 Professional Whitening

Next Level Whitening

Get the best results with our superior whitening products.

The Process:

  • At the initial consultation, we will quickly take impressions

  • We will create custom-made whitening trays for you

  • At the next appointment, your trays will be fitted, you will receive guidance on the optimum procedure and you will receive a set of Pro-Whitening Gels

  • You will see immediate benefits in the appearance of your teeth

A few weeks later, we see you again to ensure all is going well and give you additional product, if required.

Adult Orthodontics

Be Proud of Your Teeth

At the initial consultation, your needs will be assessed and an appropriate schedule of appointments will be agreed.

There are two main options for straightening your teeth:

Accelerated Orthodontics

We use some of the the best - and fastest - systems available. Thermo-Flex wires ensure amazingly accurate endpoints and rapid transformation, straightening your teeth in as little as 3 months.


What our Clients Say about Us

6 Stars from me

I had searched for many years to find an Expert Dentist who could straighten my teeth and enable me to smile with confidence. Then I found Dr. O'Broin. Not just highly experienced, he is a true craftsman in Orthodontics. He saved all of my original teeth, eradicated a 40 year overbite, broadened my palette and realigned each of my teeth to give me a perfect smile I am now proud of. Dr. O'Broin is truly an exceptional Orthodontist and I would recommend him with no hesitation.


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We will work closely with you to provide:

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  • A personalised plan for your future
  • A breakdown of costs and payment options
  • An understanding of the outcomes you will enjoy

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