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Dr Hugh O'Broin has spent his life aligning innovative, superior dentistry systems with hands-on care and guidance. At Dalkey Dental, we believe that everyone should be happy, confident and proud of their teeth.

You have looked after your family, now it's time to take care of yourself and healthy teeth contribute so much to a healthy lifestyle.

This is about doing what's best for you. Perhaps you dream of a super-white, super-bright smile. Or you would just love teeth that do their job and stay in place. At Dalkey Dental, you can achieve both.

Function is just as important as aesthetics. You need dentistry that makes you feel wonderful and that also works brilliantly and when you invest time and money in getting work done, you need to know it's going to last for many, many years.

We work with so many people, from all walks of life, of all ages - everyone has a story to tell and a destination they wish to reach. We are here to make that journey a successful and pleasant experience.

Dr. Hugh O'Broin

B.A. B.Dent.Sc


Our journey to next level dentistry

1997 - Trinity College Dublin

Dr Hugh O'Broin started out as regular Hugh O'Broin. From a young age, he saw his Scottish Grandfather working as a pathologist in Trinity College Dublin. Fascinated by the technical aspects of surgery and the human side of being a doctor, Hugh worked incredibly hard to gain entry into Trinity College Dublin, one of Europe's most prestigious training universities, where he gained his B.A B.Dent. Sc.

1998 - Forres, Scotland

Dr. Hugh travelled to Scotland, to Forres. In the cold and wild highlands, he was welcomed with warmth by Dr. Gordon Smart. Here he completed his Vocational Training with high-need patients. Learning practical skills and also how to care and respect every patient, calm their fears and pain and give them the best solutions.

1999 - Bromley, UK

Dr. Hugh ventured to London next. A pretty place called Bromley. Here he became a Associate Dentist in one of London’s premier dental clinics. His employers, Doctors Mark and Sean Buckley were big believers in upskilling and mentoring. It was also here that Dr. Hugh met his wife, who it turns out, actually lived a few miles away from him back in Dublin.

2006 - Ireland

Dr. Hugh and his wife wished to return to Ireland to start their family. They relocated to Dublin and bought a house together. Dr. Hugh worked with Dr. Frank McCrea, as an Associate in Dalkey Dental, until Hugh took over the practice in 2006. Located in the heart of historic Dalkey Village, this practice has been serving the local community since 1975. He trained in implantology with Dr. Spencer Wolf, in 2007 and perfects his approach constantly through CPD in Dublin, Boston, Italy and Spain. Studying under Dr. Skip Truit, in The Clinical Foundation of Orthopaedics and Orthodontics Dr. Hugh completed all of his course from 2016-2018.

2020 - Italy

Dr. Hugh continues to be inspired and ambitious in his dental capabilities, wanting the best for his Practice and his Patients. Taking a Masters in Implantology, which is supervised in Europe.

Today - Dalkey Dental

Dalkey Dental has gone from strength-to-strength. The most common phrase we hear is: "My friends say I must go to Dalkey Dental. It's a totally different experience, even if you don't like the dentist". We are proud to provide the premium services of Implantology, Adult Orthodontics and Professional Teeth Whitening and welcome all our patients, the new and the loyal.

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